Anritsu MG3670B Signal Generator

Anritsu MG3670B Signal Generator
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Unit have installed option MG0303B=BURST & MG0301C = pi/4 modulation.

The MG 3670 B is a Digital Modulation Signal Generator equipped with a high-performance quadrature modulator. It provides the signals needed to develop, test, and evaluate digital mobile communications equipment and related devices with expansion units.

The MG 3670 B operates from 300 kHz to 2,25 GHz. The instrument provides a stable and precise output as well as excellent spectrum purity up to +13 dBm, even with modulation. In addition to testing receiver sensitivity and excess input, it can be used for testing IF stage performance and for evaluating device quality. A CMOS-level mode is provided for I/Q signal input. The input frequency band covers the CDMA spread spectrum band, expanding the range of applications.

Compatible with communication system measurement signals for Japan, North America and Europe
High modulation accuracy (1.8% rms vector error)
Outputs modulation signals suited to each communication system
Internal pattern generator with data-editing and scrambling functions
Outputs IS-95 channel multiplex signal

MG 3670 B can be used in combination with up to eight modulation units and a burst function unit simultaneously.

The offered unit is equipped with:
- The MG0301C Modulation Unit, Pi/4 DQPSK
- The MG0303B Burst Function Unit uses the frame and slot configuration stipulated by various communication systems and has a modulation pattern generator function and a function for ramp control of carrier burst signals. It can also handle data editing and scrambling.
Anritsu MG3670B + MG0301C + MG0303B

Dimensions : 445mm (B/W) x 240mm (H/H) x 510mm (T/D)
Weight: 26,5 kg