Sinteck STL Link 10w 300-350Mhz

Sinteck STL Link 10w 300-350Mhz
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Externally Sinthesized, more than 100 channels! * 10W RF output * 130 to 500MHz, bands of 5MHz * Stereo generator, digital filter and audio processor cards available * Hi-Fi VCO section, more quality in events transmittings * SCA/RDS interface * STL or RPU uses * low internal temperatures * 12V battery connection

The Strider Link Series is a complete radio link system, transparent and without limitations. When someone Twants to transmit a party, events or any other activity outside the radiostation, it must implement a link system. Strider Link Series, developed to cover these issues. Levels of quality, previously found in high cost traditional marks devices, now it is overcome by the Strider Link from Sinteck. A perfect transmission, without noises and good quality is possible now thanks to the Strider Link. The system has an adjustable trasmitter of 10W, which the client can adjust the RF output power RF from 0 up to 10W. Levels of forward power, reflected power, voltage in the final RF stage, total current, contrast adjustment, change of channels and other parameters are shown by a LCD panel. The transmitter has XLR (L, R and mono) inputs, 1 MPX input with multi-turn adjust, SCA input with multi-turn adjust and a 19kHz output for RDS coders. It is also possible, according to the client's necessity, the internal connection of AddOn CARDs that implements the equipment version: stereo generator CARD, digital low pass filter CARD and audio processor dual-band CARD. The incredible RF covering of the Strider Link (85km) is possible due to the fact the receiver has 2 cavity filters with LNA amplifiers of high gain and low noise.

The receiver LCD display show RF input visualization, digital RF output level adjustment and many other parameters can be visualized. In the receiver there are a stereo demodulador and L&R outputs with XLR connectors, mono XLR output and a MPX (BNC) output. The system can be used as link unit to studio/transmitter (STL) and also as mobile unit of external reportage (DC 12V battery operation) The frequency changing and other adjustments are made through the keys located in the front panel, being this very simple and very quick. As the transmitter as the receiver is mounted in a cabinet of 19" in one rack unit (44,45mm) with 12,5cm deep. We introduce an equipment with small size and great technology.