Sinteck FM Exciter EX01

Sinteck FM Exciter EX01
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The Ex01 MiniStation is a complete FM exciter with low external dimensions. The equipment has the same characteristics found in a FM exciter with more power. The Hi-Fi VCO of exciters like 1kW power is same of Ex01. 8 varicaps diodes are modulating the FM carrier, more punch and more brilliance might be noted with this modulator. The Ex01 is very indicated for micro-power FM station, for who need to transmit musics from PC, only connecting the audio cable to this exciter. Also, application like audio transmitter for churchies, theatres and audio returning for music bands are suitable, you only must have a pocket FM receiver to do this. The Ex01 is available in USA, European and still Japanese bands only pressing the overset of the equipment. On the LCD, parameters like operation frequency, FWD and Reverse power, Composite audio level, Left and Right audio level, selection of internal or external MPX, Stereo or Mono operating and others are shown. Very friendly interface is found in this exciter, easy to understand and operate. The AC input is universal full-range switched mode power supply, faciliting like this the mains connection around the world. If you have an external audio processor, the Ex01 could be connected directly to this equipment, only setting the MPX seletion to external. An audio processor card is available to connect in. If you have the need to transmit controlled audio level, this card must be adquired. The Ex01 is a complete solution, including hi audio quality, reliable and easy to install. Get more information about Ex01 in the following pages!