SWR HF/VHF/UHF Antenna Analyzer

SWR HF/VHF/UHF Antenna Analyzer
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The SWR analyzer is a compact battery powered RF impedance analyzer. This unit combines six basic circuits:a variable oscillator,
frequency counter,Independent Oscillator, 50 ohm RF bridge, a 8-bit A-D converter, and microcontroller. This unit performs a wide variety of useful
antenna and RF impedance measurements,including Capacitance and Inductance. The operating frequency range of this unit extends from 1.8 to 490
MHz SWR measurements. Special designed for analyzing 50ohm antenna. It also measuresRF impedances between a few ohms and several
hundred ohms. An easily accessed user controlled Z setting in the ADVANCED function menus allows changing SWR to any normalized impedance
value between 10 and 500 ohms. It also functions as a non-precision signal source and frequency counter. The operating frequency range
of this unit extends from 1.5 to 71 MHz in six overlapping bands, and includes SWR measurements on 85-185MHz ,300-490 MHz.
Add a coupling inductor,This kits will be a Dip Meter!

1. Resonant frequency 2. Capacitance (pF) 3. Reactance or X (ohms) 4. Signal Frequency (MHz)

5. Impedance or Z magnitude (ohms) 6. Resistance or R (ohms) 7. SWR ( Zo programmable)

7. Field intensity indicator (signal strength must be lower than 1.5V)

Band Coverage : 160m,80m,40m, 20/30m,10/15m, 6m,2m, 70cm
Additional Feature: Frequency Counter
RF Output Level : 2Vpp
SWR Range : 1~9.9
Impedance Range: 10~500ohm
Battery : 8 * AA Alkaline Battery
External Power : DC 10.8~12V
Power Consumption : < 150mA (HF Bands, B/L Off) < 165mA (VU Bands, B/L Off)

The FREQUENCY switch selects the following internal oscillator frequency ranges.Not mechanical switch on HF BAND!!! .(A small overlap outside
each range is provided):