Sinteck PowerCell 3500 Watt

Sinteck PowerCell 3500 Watt
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PowerCell 3,5kW (PWC3kW) 3500W Broadband FM Power Amplifier

RF Features:
Output Power :3550W +/- 5% variation across the band
RF Output Impedance :50 Ohms
RF Output Connector :DIN 7/16 (or EIA 1 5/8)
Frequency Range :80 to 110MHz
Harmonic and Spurious Attenuation:>75dBc or bette

Power Supply
AC Input : 220V 47-63Hz +/- 25%
DC Input : VariationNot available in this version
AC Surge Protection : Bank or Varistors (285V), gas dischargers and fuses
Power Supply Efficiency : 93% or better in 220V AC
Switching Frequency : 200kHz
Power Consumption : Approximately 4300W from AC (for 3500W RF output set)
AC Input Connector : Power Bridge

General Features:
Weight : 38,8kgs net weight
Dimensions : 483mm (6”) wide, 133,35mm (3 RU) high, 700mm (27.5”) deep
Ambient Temperature Range : 0 to +45 Degrees Celsius
Maximum Humidity : 95% at +45ºC without condensation

CPU and Display Features:
CPU : PIC Processor, microcontrolled with Sinteck PWC3.5K1 Software V.1.0
Memory : Non-volatile, retention >40 years
Full Micro-controlled protections : VDC protection, ADC protection, TEMP excedeed, VSWR excedeed
Panel Keys Control : Selection of measured patterns, RF power Adjust
LCD Display : 16 colums, 2 lines, green back light

RF Input:
Input Impedance : 50 Ohms
Input Connector : N Female (UHF under request)