RVR Tabung 5kw

RVR Tabung 5kw
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Exciter : TEX 30LCD/S ,
Pre-Booster : PJ 500 LCD
Amplifier : VJ5000 , 3 phase
Frequency : 87.5-108Mhz
Tabung : 3CX3000A7
Output : Flange 7/8" , 5000Watt Continuous

Motorized tuning for input, plate and load,
capable of covering the entire 87.5 to 108 MHz
High efficiency low pass filter
High overall efficiency
Remote control
Highly accurate direct and refleeted power
Timing of electronie start with Time saving
Power supply on carriage dismountable in order
to facilitate the transport and the maintenance
Meets or exceeds all FCC and CCIR
VSWR, grid current, plate current, temperature,
safety interlocks, airflow failure protection
circuits and unbalanced A.C. line
No neutralization required
Display of the number of interventions
Advanced recycling overload and protection
system that provides automatie re-start after
about 30 seconds of stand-by in case of fault.
This procedure is repeated 9 times and in case
of persisting fault the stop becomes permanent
until a manual or remote control re-start is
applied. lf instead during one of the re-starts the
fault disappears the counting circuit system is
reset after a regular working period of 30
Foldback system on all the protection actions
so as to not stop never completely the final but
to hold the wave on air to not damage the