AEA Technology VIA Echo 2500

AEA Technology VIA Echo 2500
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AEA Technology VIA Echo 2500 Vector Imp. Analyzer

The AEA Technology VIA Echo 2500 is a Factory New 4 MHz to 2.5 GHz Vector Impedance Analyzers with Spectum Analyzer and Frequency Domain Reflectometer. The VIA Echo comes with two ports, S11 and S21, to perform both reflective and loss/gain measurements.

* AEA Technology VIA Echo 2500 Features:
Return Loss (dB)
o Phase Angle
o Reactance (X)
o Resistance (R)
o Impedance (Z)
o Gamma Magnitude
o Gamma Angle
o Linear Gain
o Phase Gain
* Includes:
o Belt Case
o Operation manual
o Quick Start Guide
o 8 NiMH AA batteries
o AC Adapter 100-240 VAC
o USB Cable
o Echo PC Vision Software
o N Male Termination Kit (short/50 ohm load)
o Soft Equipment Case
o Spectrum Analysis
o Frequency Domain Reflectometer
The Echo is a hand-held Vector Impedance Analyzer (Vector Network Analyzer), Spectrum Analyzer, Power Meter, and Frequency Domain Reflectometer (FDR) in one instrument. Echo models come in frequency ranges of 4MHz-to-1.0GHz or 4MHz-to-2.5GHz. The VIA Echo Network Analyzer was designed for performing antenna testing and tuning, transmission line testing and fault locating, cellular site turn-up testing and troubleshooting. It can be used for individual component testing, system or network testing. In a production environment Echo can be used to verify components and assemblies the same as equivalent Agilent (old HP) Network Analyzers at a fraction of the cost. n addition to being a 1.0GHz or 2.5GHz Network Analyzer, the Echo is light at 2.2lbs (1Kg), compact, rugged, and weather resistant. It is portable and operates about 3 hours on a single charge. It has a backlit quarter VGA display that can show any two measurements bother graphically and digitally and a third measurement digitally only. Echo is self-calibrating and has a “Cable Null” feature, user friendly menus, and comes complete with a calibration load set. Supporting Software - Echo PC Vision is supplied with every Echo to upload, customize, save, and print test results. Echo can be operated in remote control via the USB 2.0 connection with Echo PC Vision or upload any of 250 tests stored in its memory. Echo PC Vision adds full color graphics, Smith Chart and Spectrum Analyzer views with color markers < P>