Booster VHF 2m 85 Watt

Booster VHF 2m 85 Watt
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Booster VHF 2m 85 Watt

85R is a high power linear amplifier designed for the 144Mhz Band operation. It boasts of maximum output power of 85W. with a combination of built-in LOW NOISE GaAs fet receive Pre-Amp.
85R enables you to enjoy a more comfortable VHF DX QSO both on mobile and at home station.

You can observe the output power and check the power level at all times. An accurate output power can be read with a built-inprecision directional coupler of micro strip line.

A low Spurious signal emission (60dB Min.Down) with an effective output low pass filter.

o FREQUENCY : 144MHz Band
o DC Power : DC 12V-16V
o Output Power : 80Watt (90W Max)
o I/O impedance : 50 Ohms
o Pre-Amp Gain/NF : 12 dB UP/NF 1.5dB
o Mode : FM
o Power Consumption : 17A ( Max)
o RF Input Power : 3W (1-5W Max)
o I/O Connector : M Type