TV Modulator Broadcasting

TV Modulator Broadcasting
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TV modulator

· Applicable for 470~860MHz system, agile channel output
· SAW Filtered
· AGC Video
· Video Cut Off Power Disable
· Man machine dialogue function
· Video frequency AGC function
· RS485 net administration function - I2 C Bus control
· LCD Display :Radio frequency ,Video/Audio medium frequency ,Video frequency modulating scale
,Audio frequency modulating deviation ,RF output level ,A/V ratio ,etc
· Audio noise reduction (optional)
· Clamping and non-clamping switch ,easy for Video frequency scrambler
· Intermediate frequency modulating ,Video/Audio medium frequency signal input ,output
port can be applied for interference loading for fee-paid TV system
· In accordance to adjacent frequency design, no interference between adjacent channel
· Having RF automatic amplitude-stabilizing circuit, making front-end system becoming
more stable and reliable.
· RF output adopting modular amplification, ensuring RF output dynamic and parasite
· Adopting unique diode dual-balance modulating, good linearity, low noise, modulator's
indexes, such as S/N, C/N, DG, DP, have achieved internationally advanced level
· Surface mount technology, ensuring the accordance of entire machine
· 19' 1U standard structure, independent power supply, elegant exterior design