Circular Sierra

Circular Sierra
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Antenna Sierra

The Sierra high power circular polarization antenna is a Standard Broadcast Antenna System Worldwide. It gives maximum gain penetration in citys and suburb areas with crowded residential. The Sierra giving you a combination or Horizontal and Vertical radiation, and make less prone to multipath interference and High Solid Signal. The Sierra using very High Quality Alumunium and produce better radiation Power ,and less power lost in the system. The high grade construction and DC short protection will provide peace of mind to stations who want to Stay On Air. No tuning or adjustment is needed for any frequency on the band which allow this antenna to be used with any frequency transmitter. Our choice for commercial sites up to 800 watts, 1600 watts with two.
Water, icing, moisture protection. The input connector is protected against rain and icing by a special housing. The internal balun is also protected against water, icing and moisture ingress by a sealed housing.
Easy installation. The standard mounting brackets are designed for instant installation on poles with diameters from 32 mm to 50 mm. 90 mm Special brackets are available upon request.
These antennas are disassemblable in order to reduce the shipment and stocking costs.
Stacking more antennas it's possible to obtain customized patterns, increase the gain and the power handling capacity according to user requirements. Custom patterns, electrical beam tilt and null fill are available upon request.
Omni-Directional. The azimuth pattern is normally circular and can be modified by the mounting structure presence. As an option, the circularity of the horizontal pattern in presence of mounting structure can be factory tested.
Broadband. Suitable for channel or broadband operations with multi-channel combiners.
§ The standard in medium power (1KW) circular polarization antennas
§ Broadband no tune design
§ High power handling
§ High Quality Made Alumunium construction
§ DC short for lightning protection
§ Maximum penetration in cities and built up areas

Technical Specifications
Frequency Range: 87-109 Mhz
Impedance: 50 ohms
Antenna type: Omnidirectional
Maximum Power Handling: 800 Watts(each) 1600 Watts for 2 antennas
Gain: -1.5 dBd
Gain: 2 stack +1.5dBd
VSWR: better than 1.1:1 87-109 Mhz
Connector: UHF Teflon High Power-type
Dimensions: 1000mm x 1006mm x 1006mm
Weight: 5Kg ( Each Antenna )
Wind Survival Rating 220km/hr

Number of Antenna Maximum Power( Watt )
2 1600
3 2400
4 3200
6 4800
8 6400