Sinteck FM Exciter EX150

Sinteck FM Exciter EX150
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The EX150 MiniStation is a complete FM Exciter/Transmitter. You can choose the frequency through the buttons located on the front panel of the equipment. Frequencies between 87,5 to 108,1MHz can be set by the user in 100kHz steps. The equipment is totally BROADBAND, it means, the RF power level keep the same independently of operation frequency. The excellent audio quality is got thanks its hi-quality FM VCO, modulating through 8 varicaps diodes. The EX150 has 150W RF adjustable from 5W, this adjust is very important if you have a RF Power amplifier (like High-power PowerCell combined series), this way, if your amplifier need about 120W to input this FM exciter is the most indicated. Suitable for applications like FM exciter, the EX150 is also used as low power FM stations as main transmitter. The EX150 MiniStation has a stereo generator built-in, only connecting the audio cable from the mixer the FM station is on the air. Also, you can configurate if your transmittion is in MONO or STEREO, externally, only pressing the buttons on the front panel, nothing else. All MiniStation series have an optional card called