2SD2942 350W mosfet Transistor

2SD2942 350W mosfet Transistor
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SD2942 350W VHF Mosfet Transistor Just like the SD293X series, the new SD294X family makes use of “gold metallized N-Channel RF MOSFET technology”, where the old SD293X process layout has been redesigned in order to improve RF performance. In particular, the Crss (feedback capacitance) has been decreased by means of a shield structure, which allowed, with respect to the previous generation, a higher RF gain. Another major improvement has been made on the RDS(on) which has been decreased to achieve higher Pout; the Pout range now goes from 175W to 350W. These technology solutions are under exclusive patent rights. Of course, the well proven ruggedness and reliability of the previous generation have been maintained, as well as the lowest thermal resistance of the market, thanks to the use of “non pedestal” ceramic packages.

Frequency Range : Minimum Frequency 1 MHz
Frequency Range : Maximum Frequency 250 MHz
P1dB 350W
Gain (@Freq) 15 dB @ 175 MHz
Pout (W, test condition) 350 W
Test signal CW
Power Added Efficiency 55 %
Supply Voltage 50 VDC
Thermal Resistance 0.35 °C/W
Package Type M244