DJ-C6 Dual Band

DJ-C6 Dual Band
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DJ-C6E 144/430MHzFM Dual-Band HT

Bike, Hike, Walk, TALK!
* Available the CE-certified "E" model only.

Alinco proudly led the way in breakthrough miniature electronics technology with its revolutionary "credit-card" size transceivers and receivers. The DJ-C6 is the youngest in the family made available for those who demand a simple communication tool for daily-use that fits right in a shirt pocket.


200 Memories
Plenty of memories for your favorite frequencies. Save your choices in any combination of VHF and UHF. Each memory channel can retain frequency, frequency shift and offset, mode, tone encoder and decoder settings.
Long-Lasting, quickly rechargeable Battery
Powerful Lithium-ion battery provides 600 mAh for long service between charges, yet it takes only about 2 hours to recharge it. Transmits with up to 500mW (External 6VDC supply) of power. You..ll be amazed at the range you can cover!
Programmable auto repeater setting
Just set the frequency range, shift and tone the local system requires once, then let the C6 work for you to access the repeaters stress-free, at home or whatever you travel !
VFO, MEMORY AND SCAN Operating Modes
The DJ-C6 is small but powerful in its abilities. Choose the operating profile that suits your needs and quickly change from one mode to another.
Wire Cloning & PC programmable
Share programming with multiple DJ-C6 transceivers from a master unit or use a PC to program (requires free downloadable software available from and optional interface cable).


Frequency TX/RX:
144.00-145.995MHz, 430.00-439.995MHz

Output Power:
500mW/6Vdc external, 300mW/standard battery EBP-58N

16k0F3E (FM) Receiver Mode: FM

Receiver Mode:

Rated voltage:
3.7Vdc/EBP-58N, 3.7-6.0Vdc external source

TX 320mA max / RX approx. 70mA (19mA in battery-save mode)

- 7- +3ppm Max

+/- 5KHz

Less than -60dB

Double Conv.Superheterodyne

1st 50.85MHz, 2nd 450KHz

Sensitivity (12dB SINAD):
VHF/UHF hambands -15dBu or less (0.17uV or less)

+/- 12KHz or more (-6dB), +/- 35KHz or less (-60dB)

Audio output:
90mW or more (8ohm 10&#xTH;D)

Size (WxHxD w/o projection):
58 x 96 x 14.5mm or 2.28 x 3.78 x 0.57 inches

Weight (antenna & battery inclusive):
98g or 3.15oz


Lithium ion battery pack EBP-58N (3.7V 600mAh)
AC battery quick-charger
Whip Antenna
* Please be advised that DJ-C6E does not include an antenna-cap that you may see in the standard accessory list on the instruction manual.