BK Precision 2534 oscilloscope

BK Precision 2534 oscilloscope
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B&K Precision (www.bkprecision.com) has unveiled a dual channel oscilloscope that provides an unrivalled combination of value and performance, the 2534 Digital Storage Oscilloscopes. This 60 MHz oscilloscope offers a maximum sample rate of 400 MSa/s and record length of 4000 points for each channel.

The oscilloscope’s analog style controls and auto measurement function makes it an easy-to-use device. With advanced features such as digital filtering, FFT function, delayed sweep/zoom, waveform recorder, 24 automatic measurements and mask testing, the oscilloscope offers users with powerful tools for easy debugging of circuits.

The oscilloscope features PC Software, which allows users to easily capture, save and analyze measurement results and waveforms. Unlike other comparable DSOs, the 2534 comes with two high performance 150 MHz passive probes, making it ideal for use in design and debug, education and training, and service and repair.

Its USB front panel host port allows users to conveniently connect the USB flash drive for easy storing and recall of waveform data (csy or binary), screen shots (bmp format) and setups. It also allows users to update the firmware of the oscilloscope.