Termaline Bird 1000W

Termaline Bird 1000W
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1 kW, Direct Water-Cooled, N (Male or Female)
Broadband water-cooled load for long-term RF dissipation when heat must be efficiently transferred away from the area.
Available in M or F models, indicating male or female N connector.
N-connector limits 1000 W power rating to 500 MHz and below. Power derates to 500 W at 800-1000 MHz.
Uses standard, potable water for coolant.

The Model 8710 Series are water-cooled RF loads able to handle up to 1000 watts of power up to 500 MHz and 500 watts up to 1000 MHz. The frequency range is limited not by the load, but by the specifications of the N-connectors. (Models able to handle the full 1000 watts up to 3.5 GHz. are available with C, SC or 7/8-in. EIA Flange connectors.) The RF power is converted to heat in the load resistor and directly dissipated by means of the unique internal water cooling system. The load is non-ferrous and may be located in and near MRI equipment or within the focusing coils.