LPF 1500W & DCEQ

LPF 1500W & DCEQ
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This low pass filter directional coupler provides a DC voltage at the forward and reflected ports. The test ports feature a broadband equalizer network. The equalizer maintains a constant RF level at the diodes across the FM band which results in the same voltage at all frequencies.

Each filter is carefully sweep tested with our HP8753ES network analyzer.

86-110MHz 1200 watts maximum.
9th order Chebyshev typology.
Ultra low loss Teflon PCB; tightly controlled dielectric constant.
large #8 awg inductors.
0.12 dB insertion loss maximum; 0.1dB typical.
-28dB return loss; -33dB typical.
-47dB rejection at 176MHz. That's the 1st harmonic of 88MHz

Directional Coupler Specifications
Directivity: 20dB Minimum
2.5V forward voltage at 1000W