Twinpack Plus 48V 50A

Twinpack Plus 48V 50A
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Meet Twinpack Plus - The newest and most advanced switchmode rectifier system available. Simply stated, this modular, front-access power system is superior to anything else offered in the world of telecommunications DC power.

Twinpack(r) Plus(tm) rectifier modules are offered with DC outputs of -48V/50A, -48V/25A, +/-24V/100A, +/-24V/50A, and +/-12V/100A.

Rectifiers mount 3 across in 19" shelves or 4 across in 23" shelves with "hot" plug in capability to add or replace modules while the system is operating. Shelves are stackable to create DC power systems rated up to 5000 amperes.

PCP's patented* circuit allows high efficiency operation (90%) in ambient temperatures of -40 degrees Celsius to +65 degrees Celsius. The product also meets class B curve (conducted noise) FCC part 15, subpart B specifications.

Twinpack Plus means reliable DC power.

Quick Specs:

- 3 or 4 across in standard 19" or 23" racks

- multiple configurations
-48V/50A, -48V/25A, +/-24V/100A, +/-24V/50A, and +/-12V/100A.

- "hot" plug-in capability

- modular design allowing system scalability up to 5000 amps.

- 90% efficiency in an ambient of -40 deg. C to +65 deg. C

- N+1 Redundant Capable

- Local or Remote (TCP/IP) management capable