Low Pass Filter 300 Watt

Low Pass Filter 300 Watt
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300Watt Low pass Filter with double sided PCB.

The reason we need to use Low Pass Filter is because every transmitter will produce harmonics at the even multiplies from the original frequency. 88-108 Mhz times 2 is equal 176-216 Mhz, which is the TV and other frequency that is occupied by other company according to which countries. When the other frequency is disturb, the communication department will get lots of complaint and will find that original frequency that is disturbing them, and you will get big penalty because of that. Our G-300 is the best choice to eliminate that harmonics and you will not disturb their frequency, and you are save from all the problem because of harmonics.


· Input Impedance : 50 Ohms

· Output Impedance: 50 Ohms

· Power Handling : 300 Watt

· Harmonics Attenuation : >60dbB

· Cut Off Frequency is 120 Mhz

· Input : Solder Pad for Coax

· Output : Solder Pad for Coax