Dummy Load BIRD 50-T-MN

Dummy Load BIRD 50-T-MN
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Termaline® RF Coaxial Terminations

Bird's Calibrated Mismatch Loads are world renowned for their high-quailty, robust construction and conservative power ratings. The use of non-magnetic materials and plating provide safety when used in high magnetic fields such as MRI.

* Calibrated VSWR Mismatch
* Multi-Octave Bandwidth
* Ideal for TX or Amplifier Testing
* Other VSWR values available


Power Rating (Watts) 50 Watts Max. at 40°C, 60 Watts Max. at 25°C
Frequency Range DC to 1.0 GHz
VSWR 3.00:1 +/- 0.3
Product Type Dry (Convention-Cooled)
Ambient Temp Range [°C (°F)] -40°C to +40°C
Operating Position Any
Connector(s) N-Type (M), Tri-Alloy Plated
Finish Black Anodized
Nominal Size [inches (mm)] Approx. 4.70" x 2.30"
Weight [lbs (kg)] 1.1 lbs. (0.5 kg)