Sinteck OrbitCD-RD70

Sinteck OrbitCD-RD70
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Rp 26.800.000,00
1 gram
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The OrbitCD-RD70 is a small FM exciter, developed and manufactured by Sinteck Next Brazil, whose main objective is to offer the client the maximum quality at minimun cost. The OrbitCD Series is also known as LC-LOW COST FM exciters, although for many people the quality doesn't associates with low cost due to several factors. It is still more impacting the quality/price gotten by Sinteck if we consider that the OrbitCD Series possesses some non existent peculiarities in the current market. The OrbitCD-RD70 is endowed with microcontrolleds circuits, sensors of diverse failure types and an incomparable termination. In the OrbitCD-RD70, Sinteck dares to manufacture equipments of high power in 1RU or of less than 5cm of height, the equipment has 70W RMS in just one rack unit and 3,5kg weight. If somebody wonders, like how is it possible to put an equipment of high power in just one rack unit? The answer is summarized in: TECHNOLOGY. This technology supposes the incorporation of electronic power supply systems of high efficiency that allows to reach a total efficiency of 95% by equipment, in power supply terms!