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Lebih Lengkap Mengenai RVR PTX-100LCD/S

POWER 100 Watt

State of the art transmitting quality.
90 dB signal/noise, 60 dB stereo separation.

Transparency and clearness with CD-quality FM.

RVR's PTX LCD exciter is the result of 25 years of experience in addition to the highest technology.

PTXLCD has broken the barrier between CD sound quality and FM sound quality. Tests comparing the audio performance of a CDPlayer/ PTXLCD/Tuner combination and the CD-Player itself have demonstrated the “TRANSPARENCY” that can be achieved with PTXLCD exciters.

The response from several groups of listeners in sound trials was always the same: NO DISCERNIBLE DIFFERENCE.

The best sold FM transmitter in the World! PTXLCD is a complete family of transmitters with several options to meet all the requirements of the professional broadcast operators everywhere in the world.

Designed at State of the Art to obtain the best audio quality and a superior transparency and clearness.

State of the Art of the transmitting quality.
Superior sound quality: low noise, low distorsion, high stereo separation.
Balanced and unbalanced audio inputs.
Full power range for application as stand-alone exciter. Suitable for any configuration.
Easy adjustment through an user-friendly graphic interface.
Support of analog, digital, balanced, unbalanced and MPX audio inputs.
ITU limiter for a professional control of the modulation level.
Output power continuously adjustable from 0 to the nominal level.
Fold-Back control for an effective VSWR protection. IAMLC (Intelligent Automatic Modulation Level Control) for a constant modulation level.
SMD technology for optimized performance, reliability and high MTBF.
Setting and Monitoring of the Working Parameters using RS232, RS485 and I2C interfaces.
Self-protected switching power supply.
Complete telemetry control by means of PC, PTT-Modem or GSM Modem.