DR-635 Dual Band 2m/70cm

DR-635 Dual Band 2m/70cm
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Features of DR-635T/E:
(Note: A suffix "V" such as DR635TV may be stamped on the package, but this code is only for our internal inventory purposes therefore please disregard.The unit is marked as DR635T or E on the serial-number plate.)

VHF/UHF full duplex operation includes V/U and U/V modes.
Cross-band repeater function (where permitted: standard on DR-635T)
200 Memory channels
H/M/L power output settings- VHF: 50/25/5W UHF: 35/20/5W
Large 6 character alphanumeric display
Selectable display color illumination (Blue, Violet or amber)
Internal duplexer - single antenna connector
Removable control head can be remotely mounted or allow transceiver to be inverted for optimal speaker placement
Expanded receive range includes FM broadcast band (WFM)
Power supply voltage display
Theft alarm feature
Optional 1200 and 9600 bps packet operation with optional EJ-50U
Digital voice communications with optional EJ-47U
Optional illuminated DTMF EMS-57 microphone (included with DR-635T) allows direct VFO frequency entry and remote control of transceiver
CTCSS & DCS encode and decode plus four different tone bursts
CTCSS Tone and DCS scan
Programmable VFO and Memory scan modes
"Time Out" timer
Cable Clone feature
AM Aircraft band reception (DR-635T only)
Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator
Ignition key activated power on/off feature
Freely and separately selectable
display colors for TX/RX/Stand-by!

Shown with an optional EDS-9 separate kit and EMS-57 microphone (EMS-53 plain type is standard for E-version).

Standard Accessories:
* Microphone (EMS57/EMS53 depending on the version)
* DC cable
* Bracket Hardware pack
* ACC port cable
* Sticker
* Instruction Manual