Surge Arrester Spinner

Surge Arrester Spinner
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Anti Petir merek Spinner

BN 15 49 88
Ser NO 23143
Spinner Minich Germany

Bisa digunakan untuk DC-1000Mhz


Pemancar FM
Pemancar TV
Radio System VHF UHF

Power Rated 500 Watt

Input N - female connector

Output DIN - female Connector

SPINNER offers a premium choice of coaxial surge protectors. It covers all relevant RF applications for which a surge protection is necessary.

Surge protectors can be used in installations for analog and digital communication such as TETRA, GSM900/1800, UMTS, WiMAX and LTE. They are also suitable for communication lines in tunnels with overhead contact wires, as well as for applications in connection with radiating cables. Another type are Bias-Ts for DC and frequencies up to 10 MHz (according to Antenna Interface Standards Group).

Surges are mainly caused by electromagnetic fields generated by nearby lightning strokes. The frequency of lightning varies regionally very much. But in total there are 6,000 lightning strikes per minute worldwide!

A reliable protection against surges is given only by a proper installation and regular maintenance depending on the protector type.